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Facts: Empowering Change My Journey as a Software Consultant with OIM-ONU Migration in Colombia

Facts: Empowering Change My Journey as a Software Consultant with OIM-ONU Migration in Colombia, with Experience with ASP .Net, Visual Studio, C#, MVC, Web development with JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery, Bootstrap, Kendo.

Object Oriented Design and Software Development Life Cycles, Relational databases (MS SQL Server, SQL queries, stored procedures, SQL tuning), Entity Framework, Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server, Principles, practices and techniques of computer programming and systems design.

Responsible for Web Application Development to enhance applications/products using a variety of languages, tools, and techniques using Javascript, C#, PHP/ASP/JSP, ASP.NET, XML, UI TOOLS TELERIK to the convention of Cooperation CM- 312/03 support Ministry of the Interior National & USAID and United States Embassy.

Applied knowledge of agile, iterative, web development processes, as well as Research, design, and develop .NET applications, Consult with Business Analysts and users in defining system specifications, and Document functional and technical design specifications from user requirements.

Industry-leading web Application Architect and Senior Software Developer

Leveraging a comprehensive array of development technologies and methodologies, I excel in delivering state-of-the-art web solutions. My expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies, including but not limited to:

  • Core Technologies: Proficient in ASP .Net, Visual Studio, C#, and MVC for backend development.
  • Front-End Development: Advanced skills in JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Kendo.
  • Software Development Best Practices: Adept in Object Oriented Design and Software Development Life Cycles.
  • Database Management: Strong foundation in relational databases, particularly MS SQL Server, with a focus on crafting SQL queries, stored procedures, and SQL tuning.
Facts: Empowering Change My Journey as a Software Consultant with OIM-ONU Migration in Colombia
Expertise in software

Key Contributions and Responsibilities

As a pivotal figure in web application/product development, I utilize a versatile toolkit that includes Javascript, C#, PHP/ASP/JSP, ASP.NET, and XML. My proficiency with UI tools, notably TELERIK, has significantly contributed to international cooperation projects, such as the Convention of Cooperation CM-312/03, demonstrating my ability to adhere to stringent international standards.


Leveraging Telerik for Innovative Application Development: A Cornerstone of My Career

Throughout my career, I have harnessed the power of Telerik, a comprehensive suite of software development tools and user interface (UI) components, to drive the creation of high-quality, innovative applications across a multitude of platforms. My expertise in utilizing Telerik’s extensive range of products and services has positioned me as a key asset in web, mobile, and desktop application development projects.

Key Contributions and Technical Proficiencies:

  • Advanced UI Development: I’ve leveraged Telerik’s library of pre-built, customizable UI components for technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, and Xamarin, enabling me to craft rich, interactive user interfaces that significantly enhance user experiences.
  • Efficiency in Rapid Application Development: By employing Telerik’s RAD tools, I’ve accelerated the development process, efficiently tackling common programming tasks and reducing project timelines without compromising on quality.
  • Data Visualization and Reporting Expertise: I have utilized Telerik solutions to integrate complex reports and analytical dashboards into business applications, providing critical insights that drive decision-making processes.
  • Automated Testing: My application of Telerik’s automated testing tools has elevated software quality and reliability, reducing bugs and ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Productivity Optimization: With Telerik’s IDE and productivity tools, I’ve streamlined the coding, debugging, and deployment of applications, enhancing team productivity and project outcomes.

Technology Integration and Innovation:

My application development approach, fortified by Telerik, spans modern web applications, mobile solutions, and robust desktop platforms. I have adeptly applied Telerik’s components and tools in a variety of development environments, including ASP.NET, MVC, Blazor for web applications, and Xamarin, MAUI for mobile solutions, leading to the delivery of cutting-edge applications that meet and exceed project specifications and user expectations.

Role in Application Development:

My utilization of Telerik has been instrumental in my ability to expedite application development, offering ready-to-use UI components and efficient development tools that facilitate the creation of functionally rich and visually appealing applications. My work encompasses everything from small-scale projects to comprehensive solutions for large enterprises, always with a focus on efficiency, scalability, and exceptional user experiences.

In essence, my expertise in leveraging Telerik for application development encapsulates my commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency, making me a pivotal contributor to any development project seeking to navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape and achieve remarkable success.

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